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Thread: How big of a loss is not being able to use adsense?

  1. You can looking for another online earning program, such as paid review, sell link, rent blog space, and other blogging monetize program.

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    Probably around $300+ US per year for most switched-on webmasters.

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    Thanks a lot for share so nice information.

  4. Different adsense with another publisher is amount of earning you will get. But if you have high traffics, you can maximize your earning.

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    Click bank is the best solution for your problem,most of the the adsense user are on to it.

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    Adbrite pretty much sucks. Adsense is definitely the way to go if you can pass their rules. If not, I would look at a cpm network

  7. I already have approved accounts (and have for a couple of years) to the following networks:
    eBay Partner Network
    Amazon Associates Program

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    It is actually not a big loss because even thousands of websites which are using AdSense just generate cents a month for their admins. The fact is PPC might not be an ultimate solution for all types of websites when it comes to having them monetized because there are other methods.

    AdSense is the top choice when it comes to earning money from clicks, but through reselling other companies products, and if your website has targeted traffic, soon you will be able to earn decent money, this is why some affiliates have great monthly incomes.

  9. Adsense is not the only monetization model, and may not be the best monetizing method for your particular niche. It's good that you explored other programs that you have managed to earn a payment from. Adsense is definitely not the "be all end all". Also, even if you can't earn as much with other ad programs as compared to adsense, you may still prefer them over adsense because perhaps you like their support, payment method, look of the ads, or overall experience better. With all the BANS Google is slamming down these days (both with Adsense & Adwords), you may find that it's far less of a headache to fool with then as little as possible. I know I do!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by TryLord View Post
    It's been a few years now that I have been banned by adsense, I switched to adbrite and there I actually got paid. Now I'm wondering how much better off would I be if I wasn't banned by adsense, what's the difference in income for publishers between adsense and all the others?
    If you cannot use Adsense on your website, it is a big loose as a webmaster. Adsense pays better than any other CPC programs. However, you can monetize your blog if you have high traffic. One is BuySellAds where you can sell ads space on your website. Also contact sponsors directly and sell ads space on your website.
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