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Thread: How To Create Profit-Producing Sales Letters

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    How To Create Profit-Producing Sales Letters

    I hope this is the right place to post this.

    Years ago. When I was about to release my first product. (Ebook) I strugled at creating sales letter. I had no idea how to make profitable one. And I had not enough money to hire a copy writer.

    Then I found this awesome Ebook: "Psychology Of Selling".
    It taught me about everything I needed to know about sales letters. When I bought the Ebook. I got MR rights to it.

    If you have problems creating a sales letter. Don't hire copy writer just yet. Read this first. It is free for Nb members.

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    Thanks a lot!
    Will download it as fast as possible when I'm back!

    Please add it as attachment, if your site would be offline, it would suck for us and others..

    Also with the attachments, we require visitors to signup before downloading


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    You are very welcome.

    I have few more MR rights ebooks. All about internet marketing. I will post them later.

    And everyone. Don't forget to look at the bottom right corner of my first post
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    Another Sales Letter Ebook!

    Sorry for double post. But I want everyone to pay attention to this post.

    I was exploring my archive of ebooks, and found another ebook about Sales Letters. There is a chance it covers prety much same things as the ebook on the first post. But it may have something new in it.
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    Just downloaded both PDF's will be reading them over tonight!

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    Thanks a lot
    Downloaded them


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    My archive is not the most organized one. It is just one folder with thousands of articles, ebooks, scripts and other stuff. I have MR Rights to most of them.

    I just found two more ebooks about making a Sales Letter. These two ebooks are both pretty long. So, you definately learn something new.

    Ps. I post more of these if I find any.
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