Hi, Guys. How are you?

I'm here to share with you a simple technique that's making me earn around $250 a month per site.
It envolves using google adsnse and/or other contextual targeting sponsors (I would stick with adsense).

The idea is to create a micro-niche website, with the right keywords and build thousands of indexed pages in google.

1) Register/Buy a domain with the related keyword you want to monetize, for example: "fitness.com" (of course it is not available, but you get the idea).

2) Download/Get/Buy a tube script, with youtube videos automation feature. I use Automagick Tube Script but you can use any you wish.
Now. For this case, I have configured automagick to grab 25 videos a day from youtube (all videos related to the keyword "fitness").
In a matter of days, and with the sitemap the script generates, google will start indexing the pages, which are SE optimized and will be well positioned.

3) Once you have a couple of houndreed of videso (which means, indexed pages), you will place adsense banners (I would recommend image ads).

You will not be earning $250 the first day, but in a couple of months, you will gain around that amount, per site, if you pick a good niche.
And with this technique, having 10 sites like this, will make you earn $2500! Not bad, huh?

I hope you liked it and don't hesitate to write, in case you have answers.