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Thread: How to get $250/site monthly in 5 minutes.

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    How to get $250/site monthly in 5 minutes.

    Hi, Guys. How are you?

    I'm here to share with you a simple technique that's making me earn around $250 a month per site.
    It envolves using google adsnse and/or other contextual targeting sponsors (I would stick with adsense).

    The idea is to create a micro-niche website, with the right keywords and build thousands of indexed pages in google.

    1) Register/Buy a domain with the related keyword you want to monetize, for example: "" (of course it is not available, but you get the idea).

    2) Download/Get/Buy a tube script, with youtube videos automation feature. I use Automagick Tube Script but you can use any you wish.
    Now. For this case, I have configured automagick to grab 25 videos a day from youtube (all videos related to the keyword "fitness").
    In a matter of days, and with the sitemap the script generates, google will start indexing the pages, which are SE optimized and will be well positioned.

    3) Once you have a couple of houndreed of videso (which means, indexed pages), you will place adsense banners (I would recommend image ads).

    You will not be earning $250 the first day, but in a couple of months, you will gain around that amount, per site, if you pick a good niche.
    And with this technique, having 10 sites like this, will make you earn $2500! Not bad, huh?

    I hope you liked it and don't hesitate to write, in case you have answers.


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    It kind of looks spammy without an example site for you to show us bro...

    How does the script handle giving you some text descriptions, etc in the content???

    Looks neat.

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    Hmmm....same almost to the word that has been running around the forums for years.

    Nothing new at all with this idea.

    And as usual, it is always about adsense.

  4. Sounds to me more like a scraper script/scraper/MFA site. Exactly what Google doesn't want.

    How about building a niche site with unique content and articles--and building a site that users want to actually go to?
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    $3000 per annum for 5 minutes of work, that would be nice if it wasn't for the work element. I just wanna click a button LOL.

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    I've got that beat...10 of these growing in the house and yard :
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    The message is spam with an embedded link to his rather expensive tube script. The same message has been posted on DP and other forums.

    I don't recommend the tube script, but I do recommend that the writer get a spell checker.
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    I can't believe you didn't like my money tree link Thanks for pointing out that not only did we get spam...but it was reused spam at that!!!

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    is there any thing else other then adsense. Adsense has lots of risk sometimes it siple made band without any notice and they have very strong rules and agreements.

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    Looks like an interesting monetization technique. Too bad you're not following up with your post, is there anyone else who have tried similar script with better (cheaper) prices?

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