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Thread: How to improve adsense earnings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by texashiker View Post
    For 200-300 daily visitors, I think your clicks are about average.

    The number of clicks you get is directly related to your total traffic. If you want more clicks, get more traffic.
    The clicks are a little low. Perhaps with better ad placement the site could get 1-2 clicks more per day. But you're right that the site can only make some much money with 200-300 visitors.

  2. Try to aim for thousands of visitors per day and you'll get higher income. Your per click is a bit high, more or less $1 per click and that's high for Adsense. Just increase your traffic.

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    I think your traffic ctr is probably low based on how many of your visitors are coming to "submit" articles versus those coming from search engines too... If you could look at your analyics and remove those who come via the "Submit article, free pr, etc" keywords, that would give you a better idea of your true traffic source that is more likely to convert (ie not ad blind).

    Ad placement-wise, if you're set on this theme, have you split-tested moving the center column to the far left?? Tried a link unit instead of that top-banner?


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    The other tip I ignored it cost me money not to put a large, square Giganto adsense down the content ... For me, a great place in the top of the content (left or center), a bottom and one on the column, which converts better with others is an affiliate ad seemed to work better with a thin link unit on top .

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    Hello guys....!
    Fantastic article....First of all, you need to promote your blog to get more traffic, it's the base of good earning, then just like bobwillz said, try to show your google ads more naturally and nicely.....!Thanks .

  6. I use square adsense box which gives better CTR and earning

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