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Thread: How to improve adsense earnings?

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    How to improve adsense earnings?

    Hi guys,

    I've got a press release distribution center (free for webmasters - Free Press Release Distribution | Submit Press Release | News Release Service | Press Release Centre™ Online PR Center | Submit Your News and Maximize Exposure ) where I have google adsense embedded. I'm having around 200-300 daily visitors - 20-30 daily members - and 40-50 daily news releases. But still I have 1-2$ maximum per day (1-3 clicks per day).

    Can anybody advice me to increase the earnings at least to a 5$ per day? is there any to-do list when we optimizing websites?

    Thanks for your time.
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    Change the adsense placement (see heatmap below) and increase the daily visitors.

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    It's all about visitors, try to drive more traffic and for sure you'll raise your adsense earning

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    You can also add link units and expirement with the ad formats and colors to increase the CTR.

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    Follow the Google heatmap. I find that I get the most clicks when the ads are embedded within the text of an article.

    If you make an ad look like a banner ad, it will not get clicked on very often.

    You have a format problem with the placement of the ad on the home page. It is off to the right of the page where no one will see it.
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  6. how about changing ads location once every week,will this work?

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    The Adsense that is off the page to the right side should be under the header section and above where it says: "Announcement!! News Releases without Contact information cannot be published!" IMO

    These Ads are the most relevant to your site, but are shoved out of the way. They probably pay the most per click too.

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    Under the header image rec a link unit 468 or 715 x 15...I ignored Will's rec on this for too long on several sites, once I put them in resulted in a 15 % increase in conversions for me
    The other tip I ignored that cost me money was not putting a big, giganto adsense square at the bottom of the content...
    For me, One big square at the top of the content (left or center), one at the bottom, and one on the column that converts best with the other being an affiliate ad seem to work best with a skinny link unit at the top.

    For your regular folks (ie subscribers), I would expect they would click less since they are likely webmaster types who are more "ad blind" and likely do so as a "tip" or whatever to you...

    Diff note, waiting to test your iPhone app when you're ready to send the info!!

    Best of luck.

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    336×280 large rectangle and 300×250 inline rectangle work the best with some extra clicks on the link units.

    Don't forget to play with the colors and borders.

    Also use the competitive ad filter to get rid of the pesky ads that are irrelevant to your site.

  10. For 200-300 daily visitors, I think your clicks are about average.

    The number of clicks you get is directly related to your total traffic. If you want more clicks, get more traffic.

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