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Thread: How to Improve CTR?

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    How to Improve CTR?

    Hey guys, just wondering what technique you guys use to get clicks from your adsense or PPC ads on your site. I want to be able to increase my earnings but I don't know how
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    You need to be able to place the ads in good spots, there are some spots that viewers are attracted to more than others. Also dont over do it with pacing ads, you dont want to appear spammy.

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    Text placement is everything. You can do better with a few well placed ads that look like they're part of the site, than a bunch of junk cluttering up the screen.

    The most important question to ask yourself is, do these ads *look* like ads even when not looking directly at them?
    If you can spot the place where your ads are out of the corner of your eye, you're got them placed wrong.

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