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Thread: How to Increase Your Conversion Rate by Doing A/B Split Testing

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  1. How to Increase Your Conversion Rate by Doing A/B Split Testing

    There are many optimization tools that you can use to identify which conversion element are helping you to bring in more sales for your product. We all know that the headline on the homepage is the most popular element that you can constantly test in order to achieve higher conversion rate.

    You need to continually do split testing in an ongoing basis to fulfill the demand of your target market. AB split testing can also help you to increase the profitability of your business. In fact, successful entrepreneurs always split testing their sales page all the time and only keep the one that is proven to work.

    This is the 5 process that are involved when you are doing AB split test.

    First of all, you need to make sure that your sales page is fully functional so that we can use it as the base sales page.

    The next step that you should do is to create an identical page that you will be using against the base sales page. You need to decide which attribute that you want to change and only do one attribute at a time. It could be the headline, teaser text, page layout and anything else that you can change.

    Test both page by sending equal amount of traffic to them and you can have a pretty good idea on which one to keep after you get about 40 conversions for both sites. Keep the site that bring the most sales and remove the one with low conversion.

    You need to continue this process and this time you should use the winning sales page as base sales page. Choose an attribute that you are going to change and repeat the whole process one more time.

    Continue to do split testing and make it as an ongoing process. You will be surprised to see that even a small change in your marketing message might cause a huge difference.

    The instruction above is just an example on how to do AB split testing for your sales page. You need to modify it a little if you’re not using your sales page or landing page to sell certain products online because each person use their sales page for a variety of purpose. You probably use your sales page to collect leads or getting sales for your ebook.

    But how do you track which page is actually bringing in the results that you want?

    Some affiliate programs allow you to include specific campaign ID in your referral link. This way you can track and identify which page is bringing in the results for you.

    Or you can use redirect script that keeps the statistic for your sales page. You can compare the results from the admin panel and identify the winning and losing campaign ID.

    But you need to keep in mind that not all split test experiments are going to bring significant results. The results may vary in terms of sales and conversion, but if you keep doing split testing, you are almost guaranteed to see significant results.

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    Is there any specific software you recommend for split testing?

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