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Thread: How Was July?

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    How Was July?

    July was pretty good for me. Adsense was on the increase from the last few bad months I have had. I also did well with affiliate marketing this month - just over 5 figures in profit.

    How was July for you??
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    Good to hear!

    July was good for me too. Right now, no significant profits but I have been able to invest more time into projects that will pay off in the future.

  3. Yes it was good for me that I joined NB and today I have received one itrade too here and hope to get more customers here .

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    July has been relatively non-event for me as far as earning goes, though effort wise, it was very much hectic!



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    Meh, July wasn't all that great. AdSense earnings went way down, but now that I'm using AdBrite for my proxified pages, that went up (and I expect it to soar in September).
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    Yeah July was a good month for me... Adsense has increased significantly and I am making progress towards my monthly target

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    July wasn't my best month. I had a lot of things going on (my birthday, a 2-day Dave Matthews concert, more fun, etc...) and I didn't get a whole lot of work done. My affiliate's stats were down a bit too. I think affiliate's/marketers tend to do lower numbers during the summer. It's hard to sit in your house all day if the weather is perfect outside.

    I hope things pick up in August. I have over $600 in expenses each month now (apartment rent, cell phone, etc...) and my savings is running a little low

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    I feel bit happy bcoz i found new forum and regarding earnings i hope still i need to get more.

    Looking for Bright Future in August

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    AdSense Earnings: $638.12

    TechNoxx is not doing too badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
    July was pretty good for me. ... just over 5 figures in profit. How was July for you??
    Once again, my AdSense earnings were spectacular last month: 3 figures...

    ...if you include the two after the decimal point.

    I must be doing something right...

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