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Thread: How much can I make with CPM ads?

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    How much can I make with CPM ads?

    How much can I get for a site with arounf half a million page impressions (almost all quality traffic)?

    I have just applied to a bunch of CPM networks and got approved by one today and waiting for others. I want to go with the best possble one, so will wait a little longer before applying code for one of them?

    Its an auto site, so how much can I expect to make? I know the cpm varies for differnt types of sites, but my site is a quality site with auto as its niche. 20-30 cents CPM is just not worthwhile for me when I can better utilise that ad space.

    Also, how many banners must I display. I was hoping to display a single wide banner, you know the one that measures around 700 pixels wide and around 90px vertical just above the content?

    Sorry, so far I haven't tried any CPM networks, but I have adsense and direct advertisers (who pay really well).

  2. The answer is an ugly one: It varies.

    Factors affecting CPM earnings include:

    • The ad network
    • The advertiser
    • The fill rate
    • The ad size
    • The CTR
    • The percentage of page views per visitor
    • The locations of your sites visitors

    The only way to tell is to test.

    720x90 is a popular ad format.

    I can't remember an advertiser telling me that I had to display more than one of their ad blocks.

    The most common requirement is that all CPM ads be above the fold, but you're already planning for that.
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