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Thread: How NOT To Make Money

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    There are lots of threads with people asking how to make money online, with lots of folks (who most likely don't make much money themselves) offering up advice. I'm not into spending the time to make a tutorial or how-to thread (nor do I really care to go out of my way to help a bunch of people I hardly know). I'm a nice guy, but I'm not one of those types. But I will offer a bit of advice, in regards to what NOT to do.

    If you don't want to make money online:

    1. Ask a bunch of random people how to make money online, then listen to them.

    2. Take their advice and make a Wordpress blog about Mesothelioma or Acai Berry. Bonus points if you use one of those played out magazine style free themes.

    3. Write your blog in broken English, and make especially certain that it's fairly incoherent and doesn't really help anyone. Search engines can't tell if it's written well anyways.

    4. Social bookmark every page to every bookmarking service multiple times. Put links to your blog in your signature on all the webmaster forums you hang out on, cause it doesn't matter if it's next to a bunch of other irrelevant links. Submit your website to 1,000 free for all free directories. Send a bunch of random websites a canned email asking them to link to you. While you're at it, pay $50 to have one of those 'guys' to post a regurgitated spun article across 1,000 of their spammy blogs.

    Will that actually work?

    Sure it will, in just 4 easy steps you'll be making as much money as everyone else here. Just take my word for it.

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    5. Plaster ads all over your 3-sentence articles and assume that people will visit and click.
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    6. Be a CheapLancer (the cheaper version of a Freelancer) at sites like Scriptlance.

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    Well if you follow a 'How-to-prevent-fraud-guide' properly then you can surely prevent fraud. But following the same guide in a reverse manner will also enable to make fraud

    So I guess I will follow the reverse of the above guide

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    6. Buy and e-book on how to make money online with reseller rights.

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    1. Ask a bunch of random people how to make money online, then listen to them.
    This is only partially true. Asking people how they make money online can inspire you, or open your eyes to possibilities you hadn't before considered.
    It is for this reason that I conduct interviews on my site. They're very informative and get your gears turning.

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