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    How To Sell An Ebook

    A good way to make some money is by selling ebooks online. The reason for this is because anyone who knows any skill (everyone) can simply write about what they know and sell it right there on websites. There's no publishing fees, costs for paper and bindings, and there's an unlimited number of copies so you'll never run out. The downside to ebooks is that people with p2p file sharing programs can now share all of their ebooks and other people don't have to buy them. Either way, if you are interested in selling an ebook, I'm going to teach you how.

    Titles and Summaries
    The first thing you need to think of when writing anything is the titles. You remember when you were a kid and you had to those writing assessments? You had to plan it out first with those diagrams and take up a whole sheet of paper jotting down ideas before you ever even started to write it. It's the same here, except you can skip all of the planning by just thinking up some good titles. Catchy titles will not only catch people's attention, they will also help you write a catchy story. As long as you skip within the subject of the title, you'll be fine. If the subject of the page doesn't fit the title, make a new chapter! Also be careful to write good summaries when you upload the book. If someone sees something that interests them, they'll go ahead and click it and hopefully make a purchase. Give your readers a sample but then end an action-packed sentence with (...) and just let your words trail off. This will make them want to read more because it plays on the natural curiosity of man.

    Another key element of any ebook is the layout. Naming the pages is one thing, but structuring them is quite another. If the writing flows right, you should easily be able to tell where everything needs to go. Profferably, you should structure your ebook in a way that always leaves the reader wanting more. Never tell them too much too quickly because they won't want to keep reading.

    Illustrations can add just the right touch to any story or article. Haven't you noticed that when you read an article about, say heart conditions, it's a much better article when you see a picture of a heart with the problem that the story describes. Whether its a brain tumor or a Mother's Day card, pictures always make things better. This is because people like visual aids to help them with what they're doing. People are insecure. Say if a woman's reading a manual about how to replace the muffler on a car, not to say anything about women, but she would feel much better if the manual had illustrations of the parts she needs, where they go, and how they fit together. Remember, a picture's worth a thousand words.

    User Friendly
    After you have all the essentials of your ebook under control, you will need to look at marketing techniques. People like things that are user friendly and will not buy something that is difficult to use. As you are selling online, you can control the little things yourself instead of going through a big publishing company. This means that you can decide what file type to put your article in (many people have Microsoft Word, but everyone has Notepad; although Adobe PDF looks cooler when they read it and allows for you to add images right into the text), which websites people can download the ebook from and any promotional offers or advertisements around the ebook. Include details about what's in the ebook (such as the chapters, things discussed, etc) so the readers won't be surprised about anything when they buy it.

    Hopefully this guide has helped you to write and sell your ebook. Please check back here for updates to the guide and let me know if I've helped you at all.

    Thank you,
    Brandon Dennis
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