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Thread: iAd - What do you guys think?

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    iAd - What do you guys think?

    Live from Apple's iPhone OS 4 event! -- Engadget

    Thats the engadget live blog on the apple event happening right now, they have just gave a preview of a new advertising platform for the iphone, iAd.

    For you guys doing mobile advertising, this could well be a money spinner?

    Be intresting to see your thoughts!

    EDIT: It looks like something the actual developer needs to do when making up the apps, the advertising is almost like a mini app within the main app. So for mobile advertising i guess its no use, unless you make iphone apps?

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    I see a point for free apps,but is it really a good idea to force people who have paid for the software to watch ads ?
    It is a interesting concept and i saw this coming from Apple but I dont think the end-users will like this very much.

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