I've been digging for new ways to monetizing my sites, specially considering the fact that most of them have thousands of published images and get tons of traffic from Google Images.

Recently the guys from Image Space Media contacted me asking to register with them. So I did.

I've used one of my major sites (one of those that gets a lot of traffic from G images) - Car Tuning Central and implemented the javascript as requested.

So far the results are not impressive but are pretty good.

Here are my thoughts about them:


- Less than 24 hours approval time (on a weekend)
- Less than 1 minute to implement Javascript
- Less than 3 hours to activate the ads
- Very quick load (you can check my site for details)
- Non-intrusive / discrete ads
- Adsense compliant
- Pretty cool CPC (depending on your traffic Geo source this might vary, but so far I have seen something in the 10 cents per click area)
- Didn't make any difference in my other revenue sources for that site
- Pretty cool reporting system - I particularly like the image reporting tool.
- Allows Non-English Websites


- Low CTR (I expected that), but that might happen when you have 5-10 images per page.
- You cannot monetize adult sites (not a problem to me anyhow)
- You can't monetize small thumbnails, only images that are larger than 200*100 (the vast majority though)


A great revenue addition!

Register today at:

(affiliate link inside)