People seem to let writing fall by the wayside when it comes to the internet. Let's face it - persuasive writing sells, and if you don't know how to write persuasively, you're going to fail.

Here are the facts - to write a convincing advertisement, you need to structure your page to pull people in, give them facts and figures that are extremely appealing, and be sure to offer them a solution.

Advertising Tricks

1) Use percentages instead of specific numbers if need be. Percentages are relative, which provides truth in advertising, but not the despair of a probability.

2) Use testimonials, analogies, and personal examples. The more you can present the product in context, the more people will want to buy it.

3) Offer a clear solution. List common problems and describe how your product will help.

What do you think is most important when writing ad copy? What are some good and bad practices?