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Thread: Indirect Methods of Monetization

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    Indirect Methods of Site Monetization

    E-book Sales -This is one of the older profit strategies on the Internet. Promoting an e-book with an associated website is an effective method of creating revenue.

    One can develop an e-book based on a website’s popularity, or go the other way and build a website around a prominent book.

    Hardcover Book Sales - Some journalists and authors use their websites or blogs to sell hardcover books. Many of the people who use this method start as well-known authors before creating a website. Others establish their authority on a topic or subject via a website, and then publish the associated book afterwards.

    Some publishing services are iUniverse, Lulu, SelfPublishing, and WordClay.

    Template or Wordpress Theme Sales - With the advent of online presence, the sales of website and WordPress themes are proving to be increasingly popular (and profitable).

    Some owners utilize the services of conventional sites (such as TemplateMonster), while some designers promote their works and sell them independently.

    Unique Blog Designs is a website that profits from selling premium and personalized WordPress templates.

    Consultancy Services - Although the success of utilizing this mode of monetization depends on the niche market, an owner can offer consultancy, as well as other related services. A blog author’s shared articles can build a profile and also establish authority, thus making it easier to attract customers who have similar concerns and needs.

    One can start by developing a blog, enhancing its prominence on the subject matter, and presenting consulting services.

    E-mail Newsletters and Lists - E-mail newsletters and lists are currently one of the most effective instruments for marketing and profit on the Web. This is probably due to its significant conversion rates, and the potential to influence its readers.

    It is a complex endeavor to create a sizeable list, so a famous website could be leveraged to add to the subscribers on a list.

    Some Internet marketing blogs entice users to subscribe to the associated e-mail newsletters. Some newsletter management software are AWeber, Constant Contact, PHP Autoresponder, and SendStudio NX.

    Learning Programs - Knowledge, as compared to raw information, is a commodity that people are willing to pay for. Education is a large industry in the world market, and people identify its presence as a necessity on the Internet.

    If one manages to organize and promote a learning program (linked to a website’s niche market), then it may prove to be a moneymaker. Articles and various audio-visual material and tools can implement learning online.

    Copyblogger has reaped success from its introduction of learning modules that help people increase site membership and content sales online. The $97 Teaching Sells program has gathered over a thousand members to-date.

    Website-related Conferences - If a certain blog or website gains fame and authority on a certain niche, then the creation of a conference around that niche is a viable way to profit. Such a conference has the potential to draw many people who wish to participate. One could also make money directly from passes and corporate sponsors.

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    Yet there's the proliferation of MFA (made-for-Adsense) websites, which make no attempt to indirectly monetize their sites. There are also the solid non-MFA websites, which have plenty of original content, which also make no attempt to indirectly monetize their sites.
    There has to be some reason for this.

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    Well, I guess somehow the MFA sites have managed to run circles around Google. Maybe it's an algorithm thing.

    With the non-MFA ones, maybe it's the content that does all the work for 'em. Wouldn't hurt to optimize, though.

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    Thanks Karl... I've been struggling looking for ways to monetize my blog. Obviously Adsense is not suitable for my blog's nature... hhmm... gonna consider your post below....

    E-book in particular... gonna contact my article supplier for this purpose, hope he's up to the job...

    Quote Originally Posted by Karl View Post
    Indirect Methods of Site Monetization

    E-book Sales

    Hardcover Book Sales

    Template or Wordpress Theme Sales

    Consultancy Services

    E-mail Newsletters and Lists

    Learning Programs

    Website-related Conferences

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