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Thread: The Internet A Gold Mine ?

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    If you would think about the Internet as a gold mine, could your mind accept that image ?

    I sure would say YES, as there so alot of money to make on the net. sites that stared in 2000 and are still around can be worth now $100 000, depending on site of course. Just saying the Internet is a gold mine!

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    Not only the value of the site, but the money that can be made just by doing web designs and whatever can be done via a paypal payment lol.

    The Market is huge in a designing field, but of course no matter what site is created (depending on if their non-profit or not) they can make money ( a profit ).

    Yes I agree that the internet is or can be seen as a passage to the gold (money) your looking for

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    I agree with you both that the internet can be a gold mine... I mean there is an estimated 200.000 millonaires in the UK ALONE that have made their millions thanks to the internet.... Wheather that be using Ebay... Forums... ETC:...

    So yes I think that it can be a gold mine

    (Tthat data is from an Un-named documentry I saw a few months ago...)

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    Yes. Internet is definitely a gold mine. its capable of having thousands of money making methods to make huge dollars for everyone .For the only thing is you have to find your key.

  5. Yeah, i found a gold mine in the internet via Google Adsense...

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