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Thread: Is a link on PR3 worth something?

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    Is a link on PR3 worth something?

    I have a PR3 website.. it's a very active forum (over 70k posts) but I just want to know this:

    Would someone buy a PR3 website link? And if yes, how much?


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    It's just one of my websites has PR3... but it's a Dutch forum about tuning...
    Can't give link as I don't want Google to penalize my site..

    Maybe through PM

    But is it worth something, and if yes, how much?


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    If its a dofollow link, people would be greatly interested!!

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    Even if it's from a Dutch forum?
    Or doesn't that matter?

    + The site is on .info.. that probably lowers the worth of the link right?
    Or not?


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    It depends, most people don't really care if its .info or not. I am not shure about the language, my gut says it doesn't make a difference but I really do not know.

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    can't you advertise it on a dutch language seo forum?

    plenty of people will buy a PR3 link, even on a Dutch site I'm sure, but you'll get a better price from dutch buyers

    just make sure you only sell to very related sites, and only a few links, and you'd get mabe $10-$15 per link per month (depends on lots of things like link position etc), maybe a bit less as it's a foreign language site

    you should also be aware that if G get the idea you are selling links they'll take away your pagerank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarezz View Post
    it's a very active forum (over 70k posts)
    If it's really very active and of quality then you can make money by selling advertisement banners on the forum. This way you can make more money as PR3 links don't cost much unless the site has quality traffic.
    Need some time to handle deferred joining date by three big IT companies.

    If your work is still pending, I'll soon get in touch.

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    There is many factor to pricing a link :
    - Traffic (But the fact is, your site have 70k post, i think it's good traffic)
    - Nofollow/dofollow, the do follow is more expensive
    - PageRank --> your PR is 3
    - Position at SERP for your keyword

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