Okay so over the last 6 or so months CPALead has come up with the idea of making a script that blocks off the page and makes the user complete an affiliate offer to access the page. The site owner is of course paid for the user completing the offer. I personally think they are a great new way to make money on websites although they only work on sites where the user really wants to get the content.

I first saw this type of thing when I bought mightyb's eBook on the great DP. It was similar to this and with his method I did about 1k. Next I found CPALead which offered what I thought to be a great service of their blocker but I soon found something I wasn't happy about. I found that they were paying $0.20 per lead whereas I can go to another affiliate network with the same offer and get paid $1 per lead.

I investigated the page blocker thing further and found that InstantDollarz was offering a tool very similar to CPALead's. There was much debate over whether IDz had stolen CPALead's script but since it was a script (LightBox) was available on the internet, licensed under Creative Commons it was fine.

But I still wasn't happy and decided to build my own script to do this. I decided to make it a mixture of all of the scripts I had seen so far and eventually I had something that converted at well over 40%.

The first method of promotion that I used was to add videos to Sidereel which made everyone that used my script some decent money but as Sidereel is now heavily guarded you cannot use it to get traffic anymore.

Here are some methods that I have tried and work well with CPA Page Blockers:

- Adwords Method
Make an ad on Adwords offering something for free, for example Top Gear Latest Episode. Use wordpress to create the website and have the video on the page so the user can see it is there and add the CPA Page Blocker code with the network you use.

- Yahoo Answer Method
This method can be great if you don't have any money to pay for traffic. All you have to do is find questions where people are asking where they can watch a certain TV program online and send them of to your website with the CPA Page Blocker on it.

- Proxified Pages Method
This can be a great way to add additional income to your proxy sites. All you do is add your CPA Page Blocker code to the proxified pages of your proxy and the users have to complete a CPA offer to be able to use your proxy.
(Note: I have only tried this one for a few days but have seen some good results with it)

I'm also trying a few other ways to get traffic at the moment but as long as the page the person is unlocking is worth filling out a CPA offer for then you can make a lot of $$$

I have certainly had an interesting journey with it and made a bit of money which I hope to do more of in the next year (haven't in recent months due to money constraints). It certainly isn't hard to make some good dough with it.

Note: Try these all at your own risk, the legalities around embedding TV episodes onto your websites is unknown.