Was talking to a friend... they mentioned that they are branching into a new area to diversify their income because making a living strictly off SEO and affiliate income is less productive than in the past.

Threads where people ask "How much do you make on the web" are a huge waste. The people that claim to make huge amounts are usually lying to sell you an e-book and the ones that are really making money have no desire to draw a map to the golden goose. So let's try a different tack.

Possible topics to discuss:
- Where do you see opportunities on the web in 2013 that might be worth exploring?
- Are you "staying put" in the income field you're in now because you think it's still growing?
- If you could start over and pick a different type of web monetization scheme... what would you do?

This isn't a formal thread by any means, so don't feel limited by the questions above. Just curious to hear what people think are the challenges and opportunities as we enter a new year.