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Thread: Market Leverage! - Any Experiences?

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    Question Market Leverage! - Any Experiences?


    I was just screening though some blogs, and on a blog I saw the author talk about MarketLeverage. I headed on over to thier site, they now have a TV edition. I saw thier video, seems ot be a good money maker. I just want to know, has anyone here tried it out? Is it just like a sales site, where we try to make sales and get a commission?

    I just want some extra information and experiences before I start into it..


    PS: They said they are going to be at Affiliate Summit this year.

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    I know a lot of guys that run campaigns with MarketLeverage. They are a CPA network much like XY7. You are paid commission based on your sales/leads. There are different types of campaigns you can run so there are different ways you can make money. I am currently working on a post about Affiliate Marketing on my blog.

    If you're interested in giving MarketLeverage a try you should also try out XY7 (my referral). The more networks you are a part of the more options you have to work with in the CPA industry

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    So wait. You are an independent CPA network, or are you part of MarketLeverage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    So wait. You are an independent CPA network, or are you part of MarketLeverage?
    XY7 is an independent affiliate network, but we share some of the same offers as MarketLeverage more than likely. A lot of networks share some of the same offers, but usually the payouts are a little different. That's why I suggest you try several networks and see what works best for what your marketing

    I also want to add that XY7 will also be at Affiliate Summit, however, classes start on the second day of Affiliate Summit so I won't be there

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    I won't be there, but for next one, i will be there.

    I will sign up soon.

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