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Thread: Microsoft adCenter??

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    Microsoft adCenter??

    Hi Guys,

    I have just heard about Microsoft's adCenter. I live in Australia and cannot use it yet, but is anyone here currently using Microsoft adCenter. If so, do you find it better than Google adsence. What is it's payout like?

    Opinions appreciated

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    I think you're a bit confused. Microsoft adCenter is more like AdWords, not AdSense. They do not have a program where you can place ads on your site and get paid per click.

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    They do actually have a publishers program called Pubcenter but it is only open to a select few beta testers right now.

    I send them an application about once a month just to see if they are accepting new testers but I haven't had any luck yet.

    You can try your luck here Link


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    To which countries will the publisher program be restricted once fully launched? Any news about it yet?

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    No news yet but it will probably open world wide eventually.

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    Part of the big combine???

    I'd guess that once the Yahoo/Bing merge is final and live we'll see Pubcenter rolled out to everyone (late spring 2010 maybe).

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    I've been using PubCenter for a good couple of months now, at least 5 or 6 at this point. I'm running it on 3 of my sites, 2 blogs and one Pligg-based social news site. So far I've been doing great with it! I have been banned from AdSense so I can't say how well it competes, but I will say that they pay on time, it's real money and the cheque was sent to me from Microsoft HQ, and I have generally been earning upwards of $20-$30/mo with it recently.

    It's only open to US residents, but if you are interested I think Microsoft is starting to open up registration a lot easier so feel free to apply, good chance you'll get it. Just google Microsoft PubCenter and you'll find it

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