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    Microsoft adCenter

    Here's another competitor for adsense.

    Early Beta Data From Microsoft AdSense Competitor Encouraging

    Now why the hell don't they allow non-US'ers?

  2. Dear Mr. Spencer:

    Thank you for your recent submission to be considered for this program. Below is more information for you about the pilot. If you are interested in taking part, I’d ask that you reply to this message and I will arrange to have a formal invitation to the program’s Connect site sent to you early next week. In your reply, please include a contact phone number and the URLs of the sites you would like to implement ads on. It is very unlikely that I’d need to use your phone number, but I always like to have one on file.

    The pilot is small and not public, and participants will be asked to agree to a Confidentiality Statement before taking part – this means that you will not be able to blog about the program, comment on the program online, email friends about the program, or discuss it outside of your company. In addition, you should not share this message with anyone else. We would be seeking regular feedback and suggestions from you about the service, its interface, and its effectiveness in generating revenue for your site.

    There is no minimum requirement for the number of ad units you implement. You may use other contextual ads on the same pages as Microsoft ads during the pilot or implement only on the most relevant pages on your site as long as you do not have a specific exclusivity agreement with another ad network that would prevent this.

    In addition, please take note of the following:

    · We would request that you agree to take part in the pilot for at least two months or two full payment cycles.

    · Only publishers who are U.S. based may take part; completing a W9 form is necessary to receive payment.

    · Click rates will be closely monitored during the pilot and publishers whose click rates give cause for concern or are anomalous will be removed from the program and will not be paid for clicks on their ads.

    · Microsoft can make no guarantee regarding the amount of any payments you may receive for the ads shown on your website during this test although the purpose of the program is to monetize your site with contextual advertising.

    · We would ask that you not use a third part provider to serve Microsoft ads during this test program. If this is an impossible obstacle for you, please contact me about it.

    · For the purposes of the pilot, you will be limited to a single account but you may implement ads on up to ten approved web properties that comply with the Microsoft adCenter editorial guidelines.

    If you are interested in becoming part of this pilot program, I look forward to hearing from you again. The next step would be an invitation email to the pilot program’s Connect site (the community site for the pilot with information, a newsgroup, and a central place to submit questions, feedback and bugs).

    Best regards,

    John Smith (at Aditi) for Microsoft

    I didn't respond to this email in August, because I was (and still am) using a third-party provider to serve ads on The Tech FAQ.

    But now I have some other web sites I might test this on...
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    I haven't used their publisher side (not in the US) but I use their advertiser side and they love giving me cheap clicks on their content networks earning me a lot of money so I'm not sure how well the publishers are doing.
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    Early Beta Data From Microsoft AdSense Competitor Encouraging

    Can you guys let me in please!!!!!!!!!

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