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Thread: Monetizing content with a content gateway

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    I was wondering if anyone here has tried using a content gateway to monetize their websites. If you're not familiar, a gateway essentially blocks the visitor from accessing content on a page until they "unlock" the gateway by completing a survey or other short-form offer.

    We recently launched a content gateway at our affiliate network (Adscend Media). Here's the demo so that you can see how one works:
    Gateway Demo - Monetize Your Content

    I'll let you imagine the different types of content that it can monetize, but essentially if you can bring targetted traffic to a page, and offer them exactly what they're looking for, they're very likelywilling to complete a survey to access it.

    You can also make the gateway optional by providing a Close button, so that it's similar to a floating ad.

    There are different gateway scripts out there that I've seen people using, but they have a shortcoming in that they can't determine whether the survey was actually completed or not. They simply unlock the gateway after X number of seconds. Since we're a network, ours plugs in to our database and ensures that visitors are generating revenue. (There are also a few other networks that have gateway solutions.)

    If you've tried them, what has your experience been? If you haven't, I can answer your questions. It's definitely a powerful technique.
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    I'm currently using CPALead's gateway and promoting via Adwords - seeing some good results.

    The problem I have with networks offering gateways is that you only get to use their offers and not ones from multiple networks. At one point I was developing a tool to allow this to happen but I just don't have the time or resources to do that.

    Is definitely a profitable technique if used on a website where the users really want the content.
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