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Thread: Monetizing RSS Feed

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    Question Monetizing RSS Feed

    What are some options on how to make money for those that have a big RSS Feed?

    Some friends and I are starting a blog that will basically make all members sign up for the feed if they want to access the full features and content of the site.

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    Yes, the basic thing you can do is monetize it with AdSense.

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    Thanks, but how do i do it? Is it tough?

  4. AdSense and Feedburner integration is very easy.

    You will find the settings in your feedburner account.

    Later on you can also monetize it private ads.
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    I managed to integrate AdSense, thanks.

    Next we will go in for private ads.

    The site is not ready, will put it fr review when it is.

  6. Came across this: Inserting ads in RSS feeds. | The Webmaster's Blog May help you.
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