I've been approached by a large company asking for advertising quotes on 1 of my websites.

my site is - car tuning central (.] c om (alexa 120k)

No live links please.

The company owns, among others - auto moti ve {.] cOm ; auto mo bilemAg .] com , mo tortre nds ; com - and others (Alexas 4k to 12k), so, huge sites.

They are looking for some homepage links, something like a sentence with 4 links to their sites for periods of 1 year.

I have no clue about what I'll ask them.

If I ask $100 per year it's dirty cheap, if I ask $1000 they might laugh (or not) as they must be making thousands these days.

Can you help me out and comment on this? Specially Will, as he owns some large sites like they do.

What should I ask?

Thx a lot!