We're all talking about TwtAd.Com in different topics but I suppose it's better to make one general topic about this great website made by stickycarrots.

What is TwtAd.Com?
TwtAd.Com is a website made only for Twitter. It's a place that brings advertisers and publishers together. They pay you for posting links on your Twitter profile. Which makes publishers earn money and advertisers getting cheap traffic!

Publishers are paid per click, so you can earn money just by tweeting about one of our offers and having your followers check them out. The more followers you have, the more money you will make, but beware if your posting ads over and over again you might lose followers. That's why you need to think logical when posting ads & tweeting your messages.

Advertisers pay per click, they can choose a fixed price (between: $0,02 - $0,50 per click); the bigger the price per click, the more your advertisements will be tweeted. TwtAd.Com is currently serving to over 45,208 followers, but at the time of reading this it might have changed already, you can check it out yourself by reading the websites' footer:
TwtAd.Com - Make money from Twitter!

If there are any questions, I'm sure stickycarrots will answer them or I will do my best too This is just a general discussion thread about TwtAds.Com

Best regards,
Nico Lawsons (not related to TwtAd staff, I'm only a publisher )