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    Offline CPA Marketing

    Has anyone had success in using fliers (leaflets) to advertise CPA offers?

    I think that it goes something like this: you sign up to promote a free credit report offer, your flier advertises a local business that requires a credit report such as a car dealer offering cars on repayment plans (loans/hire purchase), but to save the fee for the credit report, you direct your leads to get a free one from your CPA offer (so you can get amazing conversions).

    I'm not sure if I got this correct, but anyway, there seems to be some flaws in this business model now such as: FTC clamp down on misleading "free" offers. The offer clearly stating that it is not intending to offer a free service e.g. credit card to be billed later etc.

    I believe that it's becoming harder to make easy money like this and to beware of any gurus peddling e-books about this method that may no longer work or be legal.

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    Yes, the FTC and a lot of state attorney generals are cracking down on all those offers that state "FREE THIS OR THAT".
    Too many of them are just ripoffs, in that people have to sign up and spend money (sometimes, scads of money, more money than the so called free product is worth).
    Myself, I am glad that those that promote such crap are going to be taken down.

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