Started a Point of Sale support forum about 5 years ago. Started with some crappy posts. Pretty generic stuff. Never ranked well for anything other than POS Forum. Did a little SEO etc.

That term got me about 50 visits per month.

Then I started a new job. Abandoned all my sites including POSforum (dot) net.

Fast forward to 6 months ago, decided to really get aggresive. Started posting like a fiend. Did a ton of link building. New members started joining and posting. Now I make $300.00 per month on direct ads, about $100.00 per month on adsense, and about $75.00 per month on affiliates. Not bad, but I really need to get to the $5000.00 per month just off of that site. I get about 2000 uniques per month and growing at about 10% per month.

Anyways, thats my story