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Thread: Paid Posting

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    I am actually trying to make money from posting on other peoples' forums. It takes a lot of work and time, but in reality, it is a pretty good idea. I like doing it because I meet new people and its sort of fun too.

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    I've tried it but I don't think it is worth the time. The money is very poor for the time you make the posts.

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    I own a Paid posting company and if you ask me from my point of view, then it's a lot more easier to handle a paid to post service providers as you have total control over them and you can demand quality for the money you pay.. !!

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    Most of the time, you won't get enough from it to really do anything with what you earn. Yes you can get money to pay for minor stuff online, like a domain, or stuff to get in real life, but overall, the only way to actually ear from it is to be well established, and have a set price, and have people working under you to help get the posting done for the price.

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    i dont have much contacts now that will pay for posts but i got five dollars once for posting

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    This is a good idea if you only need a little bit of money. I'm actually going to be opening a posting company soon but now I just need to come up with a name for the site.

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    I have done paid posting a couple of times before.

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    Yeah, paid posting allows you to earn a little money and i done it a few times before earning around 5 bucks.

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    Yes, i do paid to post but only those forum in webmaster niche.

    The paid to post is just additional income while i'm getting some webmaster related information

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    Display paid .. Never tried .. I find it pointless and stupid because you can easily find many people to post on your websites if you do an exchange ... such as cash forums, etc. ..

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