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Thread: Paid Posting

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    Paid Posting

    Does anyone make money online through Paid Posting? I do from time to time and it can get me a little bit of useful income.

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    Re: Paid Posting

    Paid Posting.. Never tried that.. I find it useless and stupid because you could easily find lots of people to post on your sites if you do an exchange ... such as forum cash etc...

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    Re: Paid Posting

    All the paid posting sites I've applied to have not got back to me.

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    Re: Paid Posting

    I mainly use DigitalPoint to get paid posting customers myself, usually job offers come up that interest me from time to time. Sometimes you don't get a reply but you definitely can get some paid posting jobs there.

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    Re: Paid Posting

    I joined a few , but they never paid me . Its useless I guess .

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    Paid posting is a great way to make money. If you did this full time, it would pay very handsomely. But unfortunately, you won't get that many requests.

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    i dont think anyone would be silly enough to do paid posting offers as a full time job

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    [quote name='Keitho' date='11 March 2010 - 10:08 PM' timestamp='1268345333' post='11014']

    i dont think anyone would be silly enough to do paid posting offers as a full time job


    Doubt they could make enough money but some people freelance online as a full time job.

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    Its a great way to get money, easy too. But alot its not, because sometimes the forum is not active, so you will have to wait till other people post. But its good to see a new forum get better and bigger.

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