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Thread: Payment Solutions by Usage

  1. Payment Solutions by Usage

    I've always wondered which payment solutions are being used the most, and would love to get an idea of what is being used ranked by volume of usage. I'm guessing it is something like this:
    1. Paypal
    2. Credit Card Gateway (could sub rank this)
    3. Google Checkout
    4. 2checkout
    5. Moneybookers

    Anyone have any hard numbers on this?
    (or anyone want to take a guess?)
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    I think MB should rank #3, though this is just a hard guess.

  3. I tried to find some stats on this when I was doing the initial research for Net Payment Services, but I wasn't able to find with good data.

    Part of the problem is that the markets haven't been well defined. Vendors aren't directly competing with each other directly; they are testing different business models.

    MB is popular in Europe, but does not operate in the U.S.
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    You missed AlertPay. They are pretty good and so is MoneyBookers.

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