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Thread: PayPal on your site, did it help?

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    PayPal on your site, did it help?

    Hello, I tried it a lot already, but it never worked so far... So you have an active website, with a paypal button and a good text, that they can support you by donating.

    Some people really had success with it, but I didn't -- Did it work for you? Have you earned a lot with it? Do you have some tips or not?

  2. If you are talking about PayPal only for donations, it really depends on your readers.

    Have a look at these threads:

    But if you are talking of PP as a payment processor for buying stuff. It is awesome! Most people use PP now a days.
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    A better way to monetize instead of donations is ads IMO.

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    I was talking about donations indeed Thanks for the links, checking it out!


  5. I have seen such a button lately, I believe on ZenCollegeLife, a button with: 'Buy me a cappucino' it made me laugh, but it means you have to donate 5$, I think donate buttons with only 1$ will work.
    It will take a long time for earning 20$ though..

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    Donations didn't work for me ... I run technology blogs.

    They should work for troubleshooting and tips sites...

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    It depends on how useful people think the site is and the content/services you provided to them are.

  8. I guess donations work if you have a really great blog. then anything you try gets money

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    Paypal button is there on my site from last 2 months,and I hot nothing,may be my visitors don't love my site

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    To make a decent amount off of donations, you need a lot of traffic and loyal readers. I don't really recommend using it at all.

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