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Thread: Poll - Please read! :)

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    Poll - Please read! :)

    Thread Update:
    Thank you for the votes, everyone. I have posted the full results here: March Poll Results
    A new poll is up and running for this month - make sure you vote!


    Hello everyone.

    I have started a new poll on my blog to determine how much people are currently making online each month. I am going to use the results to adjust the type of material I post on my blog, to help develop some new features, and to just get some answers since I'm curious.

    I would very much appreciate if everyone could stop by and just vote on the poll - then you may feel free to leave comments if you have any either as a comment on my post or here in this thread. Please vote accurately and honestly since this data will be utilized and isn't just for fun.

    Thanks a lot!

    How much do you make monthly?
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