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Thread: Razorloq Presents: The Secret Admirer Method (Semi-Blackhat But Not Full)

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    Exclamation Razorloq Presents: The Secret Admirer Method (Semi-Blackhat But Not Full)

    The Secret Admirer method can easily bring you a couple of hundred dollars per day. It is very simple to apply but yet very smooth and revolutionary as far as monetary gains are concerned. So without any further ado, let's get to it.

    First you will generate a list of e-mails and names via myspace, Cragislist (harvester) or posting in the personals section, chat room e-whoring, etc. This should be a list of guys/girls that are looking for a date or some play.

    Then you will use,,,,, etc. There are a lot of others out there.

    Then your next step is to send each person a custom made card. Here is an example I made for you guys:
    So this way your message will be sent to the person without ending up in the spam folder, will be personalized and it will look legit and a billion times better than a regular dating message and therefore this will improve your conversion rates dramatically.

    You can use this with dating offers, cam offers, dating cell confirmation offers, etc.

    It is scary how easy and convenient this is. So if you can't generate a couple of hundred bucks a day with this one, you suck at life!

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    I seem to remember this thread before on Black Hat World. I gave it a try and it worked flawlessly!

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