I hate journals just as much as the next guy. Probably more than you do. Theer are very few journals that I have found on any forum that I actually enjoy reading, and enjoy reading updates on them. But it's my turn to give it a whirl, for the sake of the argument. Who knows, this could become the next big thing.

I'm back in college, learning like the rest of them. But I've got a lot of free time away from the classroom (screw studying) and an extremely fast Internet connection. Time to start on an endeavor that I was never able to attempt back at home: YouTube. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, YouTube.

I signed up and was accepted to DatingGold. Found a nice text link and converted it to a masked URL using http://www.shorturl.com. Went to PornHub and used Firefox's VideoDownloader extension/addon to download a video in FLV format. For those of you who don't know, I have a Mac. iSquint worked perfectly converting the FLV to an MP4.

After conversion, I went into iMovie and edited the movie down to acceptability (aka no nudity, but close). Put a nice advertisement at the end of the video, and voila, uploaded it to YouTube with a nice new account. 112 views in around ten minutes. Not too shabby if I say so myself. Conversions is a completely different story.

That is the video. Simple, I know. Not even a hint of a watermark. But I'm going to see what it does for me. PLenty of 15-year old boys looking up porn on YouTube to watch, grab Mom's credit card, and buy a membership. Plenty of money to be made. I'm starting with this one, and am going to quickly bloom and expand. Wish me luck. This will be updated frequently.


As of this moment, my video has 318 views and one five-star rating. There have yet to be any comments on the video, and I'm going to let it run for a little bit before I intersperse random blasts with a YouTube view and comment generator, just to take some statistics on it. 318 views in ten hours isn't the worst ever, but it's definitely not as good as it could be.

As far as the dating site views are concerned, I have 21 uniques for yesterday, and 8 so far for today. However, I have yet to receive a conversion of any kind. This is reasonable, since, as someone pointed out, it's a three minute video with a five second ad at the end of it. If I was watching, I admit it, I wouldn't go to the ad, especially since it's not even a hyperlink. I have class rather soon, so I'm not going to be able to download and change, edit and upload another video until around one o' clock. But when that time rolls around, I'll be cranking out another two or three better quality, higher quality, and better hit rate videos to share on here.

Who knows, hopefully one may lead to a conversion. And with the campaign that I am currently running on DatingGold, I receive $50 for every person who signs up for a membership. Razorloq's days of free membership money are absolutely, positively, completely over. I have people making money for me now through that method (and my own little brokerage program), so that will never again be an issue.

Now to class, and then back to business. During class I'll have my laptop out, but people sit behind me, so I can't download/upload videos such as that. I will, however, search for a good watermarking program and/or a way to do so inside iMovie. Goodbye for now.