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    Has anyone here tried RevenueWire?

    I'd like to know what makes them "A New Breed of Affiliate Network."
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    I haven't heard of them before. But I took a quick look at their website, and I really like it. I like that they have payouts twice a month.

    Too bad I don't have tech site to test them. Since their products are tech related.

  3. Never heard of them, but looks good

    I'm yet to see an affiliate network that doesn't claim they pay more than the competitors

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    I have not used them before however I did find a thread over at DP that had the following:

    I just banked my first RevenueWire check - and guess what? $65 additional fees from their Canadian bank at their end - because their checks are drawn in US$ on a Canadian bank ...

    So half my income - gone!
    Quote Originally Posted by iainvw View Post
    When RegCure moved to RevenueWire, I joined up and changed my links over to see how RW would compare. I briefly reported on my experience here.

    As I indicated there, my experience has been good, and mostly continues to be. I find that conversions are considerably higher and more consistent for much the same traffic delivered. They have fallen a little with the economic downturn, but no more than I would have expected. There is certainly none of the sales-on, sales-off nonsense I'm still experiencing on a daily basis on all three of my CB accounts.

    However, I have noted some less positive aspects of RevenueWire.

    RW does not offer free XACH direct deposit as CB does. Instead they offer wire transfer, for which there is a $35 charge. So I opted for cheque payment, and as sales came in, cheques from RW began to arrive here in Scotland. I paid three of these cheques into my RBS bank account on 2008-11-03, and after making enquiries yesterday, they finally cleared today (2008-12-11), at what seems to be a very unfavourable exchange rate. CB cheques I paid in at the same time cleared within a week. I've now set my payment method to wire, with a minimum payout of $1000.

    The most worrying thing for me, though, is the inability of the RW system to track a TID when the customer buys a different product from the one promoted. For example, I may be promoting BestRegClean Pro on RW, but if the visitor follows links and ultimately buys BestRegClean Lite, the TID probably won't come through. I'm credited with the sale, but I will have no idea which of my traffic sources brought the sale. Marketers who rely only on SEO or article marketing may not see this as a great problem, but anyone who has been paying for traffic for any length of time will know how important it is to track where sales are coming from.

    Despite CB's numerous payment/tracking problems, their TID system has always worked reliably for me.

    I contacted RW about this problem, asking if they could let me know when it is fixed. The response I received from Kyle @ RW was, yes, they would let me know. That was several weeks ago. I don't actually know whether they are taking this seriously and working on a fix or not.

    I've started using a workaround that helps, even though it is not a complete solution. An RW feature is the ability to create aliases for your main ID, the idea being to make multiple accounts unnecessary. So when a sale comes in with a new TID (ie the first sale known to be from a particular traffic source), I create an alias for that TID and send all traffic from that source to the new alias. I have been able to track the sources of several no-TID sales in this way. However, I still have sales from new traffic sources appearing without TIDs, which is frustrating to say the least, as I might switch off a profitable traffic source thinking it has no sales.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hade View Post
    Revenuewire has experienced serious downtime today. Their status monitor site reports it all as being up!

    A quick look at their blog-style updates page shows they have been having technical problems for days.

    I have just set up a monitor to alert me if it goes down again. I need to shut down my paid ads if it goes down again so I'm not wasting $$$.

    Other than that looks good. Am due to receive my first cheque in a few days so fingers crossed!

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