How To Make Money With Sharecash Make Money in three easy steps
- Sharecash is an online file hosting service. But then how does Sharecash make money? Well there is a tiny catch: every time someone wants to download your file they must fill in a survey.
– Sharecash will pay you at least $0.40~0.60 or premium $ 1.20 for every download within the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia. For international downloads you will receive at least $0.25 per download.
– The above shows you how great Sharecash really is. But now let’s turn the above stats into a scenario in which you’re using Sharecash.
-1000 downloads = 1000 x $0.40 = $400!
-You can cashout anything above $10, so you get your money when you want!

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