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Thread: Which Site Pays for Photo Views?

  1. Question Which Site Pays for Photo Views?

    i know there is but i just can't remember the name of the site
    i've once browsed it somewhere and that everytime someone views the photos posted the site pays the uploader and converts about thousand views or something

    so which site is it?

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    |Nico Lawsons

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  5. thanks guys. i remember now.. shareapic is what i'm thinking.
    but got more responce, so which is better among the suggested photo sharing site?

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    Shareapic isn't the only pay per view photo site. They're great for stolen images, like celebrities or babes in bikinis etc.

    But if you've taken the photo yourself and want to get paid when people view the photo, and also have the chance to sell usage rights to the photo, then check out (sell photos) and (pay per view). Both sites are owned by the same company and a single login gets you into both sites.

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