It is getting that time of year to make are New Year's Resolutions. So what will yours be?

I know a lot of us here are hoping to make Big Money however big money is not a goal. It is a by product of a goal. So lets say you want to earn money with our site. What are the steps you need to take to reach this goal?

I already understand that each niche pays a different amount. Selling products will also help you earn money and obviously the more you sell the more you can earn.

So the more people that go to your site the more you have a chance on earning, Right? Well, I am not yet convinced the this is really the case.

Pareto principle AKA the 80-20 rule, simply states that, 80% of income come from 20% of our work. This is a common rule taught in business classes; e.g., "80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients."

So shouldn't your goal be how can you get that 20% coming back again and again.

Yes, with all this random rambling going on in my head I do have a question.

So what is it that you do, to maximize your time, to earn the most money, from your highest paying site?