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Thread: The smarter you are, the less you click

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    The smarter you are, the less you click

    Chitika did a very interesting study recently and came out with even more interesting results. Namely, they made a huge survey across the USA and examined the relation between states' education levels and ad-clicking habits. They concluded that the more college educated a state is, the harder it becomes to advertise to.

    "The two states with the lowest ad click rate, Massachusetts and Washington, showed a much higher rate of college education than the national average. West Virginia, which boasted the highest click rate, also had the lowest percentage of college graduates."

    We all knew this already, but now it's confirmed.

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    Interesting. There could be something to this.

    It is possible that the more educated you are, the more focused your web surfing habits become, which allows you to "tune out" extraneous information such as ads.

    It's time to focus all of my AdSense sites on West Virginia.
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    It could be that the less educated people are newer to the web and haven't "tuned out" all the junk like banners and adsense.

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    Or is it like buying non-targeted traffic, those states click but do they convert?
    ...course some friends of mine would argue, that the more economically depressed the state is, they more some would feel like they are "sticking it to big industry" by clicking and not buying....
    Cool research though.

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    Great stats. I was actually thinking of conducting a similar study. Now we know the results

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    Very interesting, the statement is quite obvious but I'm glad some one took the time to confirm it.

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    So what they are saying is the best sites for clicks would be to create a niche site that high school drop outs from West Virginia go to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post
    It's time to focus all of my AdSense sites on West Virginia. are available!

    2,580 competitors.

    "High" advertiser competition.

    101 daily searches, according to WordTracker.

    Advertisers pay up to $12.35 per click for the term "car accident lawyer," according to SpyFu.

    I'll let someone else grab this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post

    It's time to focus all of my AdSense sites on West Virginia.

    hahahaha.... that is a good one.

    Good research! Interesting!

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    the stat should be, the more you use internet, the less u click AD

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