I was using TNX on one of my website but someone told me that it could affect my PR. Is it? I earned around $100 from it in two months from two normal traffic websites doing nothing.

Am I just so lucky to earn 100 buck for free (well i call it free ) or I paid some hidden cost for it (Lost PR)? I dont think it affects the SEO of your webiste as even after using it, my websites were on top for some competitive keywords. Any thoughts?

For People who don't know about TNX

TNX (pronounced “thanks” as in text/SMS-speak) is a new text link advertising platform that targets both publishers and advertisers equally well. For publishers, TNX offers the opportunity to earn TNX points which can be used for various purposes simply by displaying TNX text ad links on their pages. For advertisers, TNX provides a cheap and effective way of getting high-volume, non-reciprocal links from thousands of websites that are part of TNX’s program.