Enviro - $.23 -.45 Per Download!($230-450 per 1k dls)

Enviro is an affiliate supported file-sharing service. That means you, as an affiliate, get to receive money for getting other people (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) to download files you have uploaded to your account.

What makes EF better than other pay-per-download site?
-you will never accrue bad downloads
-it is a business model built for long-term user friendliness and success
-EnviroFILE is more advanced than other current pay-per-download sites.
-We KNOW we get paid for ALL downloads and pass that on to you

Some of the many great features:
-Minimum to payout is 10$
-5 tier levels, from 0,23 to 0,45 per download
-offers for almost every country
-5% referral commision
-very helpfull staff&forum
-based on net30
-user friendly and JS ignorant download page
-international download support
-When the Tier rate changes (based on how many downloads I have accumulated), my earnings for ALL of my downloads are reflected by the new Tier Rate.

Here is payment proof

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The E-Book Method(by play_avi)

1st Step-Getting Some Ebooks...
Many People Like to read Ebooks than some simply Books....So this will really work for you.

2nd Step-Uploading and suffixing as well as watermarking
To make your blog popular you must always use the suffix of your blog such as ebook.rar_www.snapbook.megasoftz.com in the
download link as well as all your ebooks screenshots or front page must have a link written of your website or blog

3rd Step-Indexing Your Files in a blog...
So Prepare a blog u can use http://www.blogger.com go and prepare one very easily with any problem..Its really very simple.

4th Step-The Last But not the least...Advertising Your Links....
To Advertise your blog links you can use many method...
Such as:

1 - Youtube-Create a promotional Video and say good things about your blog and make it popular.

2- Torrent-Just Upload some ebooks in the torrent sites and add a text document written as More Downloads or More Ebooks and write your blog address in the text document.

3 - Forums-You can use The largest Message Boards and Forums on the web! to advertise your blog in many traffic rich sites..