The first step to accumulating a massive following is
to set up a Free Twitter account at After setting
up your new twitter account you may want to upload a
nice photo but more importantly you definitely want to
create a really good bio and create a nice background
for your site.


Find and follow fellow twitterers with similar interests.
If you are a musician naturally you'll want to connect
with other musicians. A great free tool to find targeted
twitterers is This site enables
you to locate people with similar interests using targeted
keywords to find your audience. If you're a musician you
can easily find other musicians to follow who'll in turn
will follow you.


Feed your twitter account with relevant timely articles.
Again if you're a musician with a following interested
in music then you'll want to feed your twitter account
with music related content.


Unfollow people who are not following you. Twitter rules
allow you to follow up to 2000 people and you can't follow
anymore people until you get 1850 followers. At that
point you can go over the 2000 mark. The next limit
twitter has is you can't follow more than 10% above the
amount of people that follow you. This means that if you
have 2000 followers the maximum amount of people you can
follow is 2200. Unfollowing people that are not following
you will enable you to free up space and enable you to
follow others who in return may follow you. Wait at least
2 days to give people a chance to follow you. After 2 or
3 days begin unfollowing people.


Twitter allows you to post tweets with links inviting
your following to visit your website. The more followers you have
the more potential web traffic you'll receive.
Also you can send up to 1000 direct messages a day.
Depending on how large your following is, you can send
a message to up to 1000 followers. If you have 5000 followers
you can only send a direct message to 1000 of your followers
in a given day but still that's a 1000 potential hits to your
website. Keep in mind not to Post too many links promoting
your site on your twitter account. Posting a link once or
twice a week will suffice. Remember to shorten your urls
before posting your tweets. A great tool to shorten your
urls is at