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Thread: TwtAd - Looking for BETA Testers - Promote on your Twitter

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    I raised the pay per click on some of the offers because I see some of my publishers are starting to get quite a few clicks. There are currently 16 BETA testers who have signed up and are getting clicks

    As an FYI to my favorite NetBuilders, I added a new ad today (Wireless Service) that is getting a TON of clicks and is doing really well.

    Also, since it appears Twitter is testing adding their search to the layout there has been an increase of clicks through the search onto ads as well (I've had about 20 today just from people searching for "macbook")

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    How well are the clicks converting for ya, just out of interest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    How well are the clicks converting for ya, just out of interest?
    Depends on the offer. Clue: the higher the pay per click the better it's converting on my end

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