The Twitter Ad Publisher Network
Post our ads on your Twitter profile and get paid per click!

I am currently looking for BETA testers on a new project of mine, This is ONLY open to NetBuilders and I will not be promoting it anywhere else (and neither should you ).

TwtAd is an ad publisher network for Twitter. You post ads on your Twitter and you are paid per click. Currently, the ads are set at $0.01/click. These numbers will increase as I get an idea of how well the ads will perform, which is why I need you.

As a BETA tester, you can be paid via PayPal at any time you like as long as you've made at least $1. That offer will stand as long as you are a member of the network (even after the BETA testing is done and it's open to everyone). I fully expect there to be bugs and I also expect you to see them. I would hope you would report them via the FAQ Submit a Question page.

You can sign up here:
TwtAd - Twitter Ad Publisher Network - Make Money From Your Twitter!

I hope to get around 30-50 BETA testers.