Hey everyone,

I run a web hosting company: RelaxedHosting and I am looking for people in the web hosting/web master/IM niche to share my excellent hosting service with.

A little about my hosting company - I started my own hosting company because I kept getting screwed by crappy hosts time after time. I decided enough is enough and I that I would open my own company and provide a customer oriented service to my clients. I always treat every customer like they're gold. I offer affordable offshore and onshore web hosting solutions. I also offer virtual private servers.

Now what I am proposing is that we team up, and both make money. I can offer affiliate to my hosting company recurring commissions on the clients you bring to my company. As long as they're hosted with me, you make a % of their monthly payment.

I can offer customized plans specifically for you (or your customers/lists), I can offer unique coupons specifically for you (eg. your company name) which will give your brand a boost and make your site look exclusive.

I am looking to work with as many affiliates as possible. I have a couple huge empty servers that I want to fill up with happy customers.

If you are interested please email me and I will get back to you with some more details.