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Thread: Weird niche for monetization?

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    Weird niche for monetization?

    So my girlfriend just bought a domain name for a blog she plans on starting. Its more of a hobby than a huge business venture, but its a hobby that will most definitely direct a lot of traffic and interest. The blog will be about crafters that make high quality (extremely high quality) jewelry and accessories. These accessories are primarily based on popular culture from Japan as well as video games and other cute things.

    So, she knows how to get traffic, and get interest. She doesn't know how to earn money from it. Other topics are easier to work with, but she went and chose something more difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    She might try some affiliate networks if she can find them for the subject.. Some Google Ads should do fine too though

    |Nico Lawsons

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    She can try to work with the ebay affiliate program but she must beware of scammers...
    I think she shouldn't start to monetize her blog right now, just wait to be famous and then she will talk with sellers and think about partnerships etc..

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    Haha, good suggestions. Maybe monetization SHOULD wait. What about using amazon associates to display ads that are relevant to the interests and overall subject? I was hoping that would have an affiliate program, but it doesn't seem to. That would have been perfect for her site.

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