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Thread: What are the best CPM ad networks?

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    AdsDaq - I would stay away from this one, for this reason: AdsDaq Review

    AdBrite - Professional, reliable, but as you mentioned: Low earnings in some niches.

    Smowtion - Pretty low earnings overall. I earn less with them than I do with any other network.

    AdSense - A good network if you don't mind having to constantly be on edge for fear of them just taking your money and banning you without a reason.

    I would follow the recommendations of Will and check out:

    • Direct Media Exchange (I am looking into this one now, but can't figure out how to sign up. )
    • Tribal Fusion
    • Burst Media
    • Ad Dynamix
    • ValueClick

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    I think you should try Smowtion. I like it the best.

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