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Thread: What to do after Google Adsense Banned ??

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    Thumbs up What to do after Google Adsense Banned ??


    Recently my google adsense got banned . I agree that there might be some mistake from my side.
    It is very difficult to get reinstated. But the question is , what should i do now to monetize my website ?

    I would appreciate some honest feedback. Kindly suggest some adsense alternative .

    Regards & Cheers !
    Shiv Jaiswal .
    SEO analyst

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    Without knowing the website it's difficult to say whether there's an Adsense alternative. A lot depends on the amount of traffic that you have. You can try kontera, adbrite and affiliate offers. Though you may be better off selling the website and developing a new site that it better suited to monetize with an adsense alternative. For example, a lot of micro niche sites only work well with adsense and it will be more trouble than it's worth to try monetize a site with a less favorable alternative like Adbrite.

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    Learn from your mistakes - such as: building crappy sites that are mostly focused on monetization, republishing existing information in the same or worse way than before, terrible visitor experience when landing on your site, vast numbers of thin-content sites that are inter-linked, are you sure that you want to leave pop-ups, clicking on the Ads to test them out, asking visitors to click etc. So learn from your mistakes, rebuild, and make higher-quality sites that you would be proud to showcase on TV prime time.

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    Mistake from my side.
    Usually means getting carried away and clicking away on the ads on your own site.
    Or getting all your friends and family to get click happy.
    Or worse yet, joining some scheme where one clicks on adsense on websites in return of others doing the same on one's own website.

    Google rarely bans anyone for the fun of it!
    Not to their advantage to lose traffic for their advertisers.

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    Hey, could you come back and respond to the replies people posted for you over on v7n? You create multiple threads online and fail to followup on them.

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    I would think someone working for a company with "webguru" in the name could figure out how to monetize a site or find good alternatives for his or her niche to Adsense in the appropriate affiliate niche, other CPC programs, etc....lack of response on V7n and here likely says something about the motivation of the various posts...

  7. If you have website and want to monetize your site, a lot of ways that you can do, such as sell link, write review in your blog, user adsense alternative, and sell your own product. But one important thing before start, you must be make sure, how much traffics your blog for now, is high traffics or not.

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    Don't be so worry. Many alternatives out there. I am working with ReachJunction, it's good enough .

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    First, Establish your website with regular post of quality and interesting content to attract regular and new visitors for the site. Make your site to give best user experience and no for the search engine ranking purposes.

  10. Adsense alternatives; Chitika, Adcash, Propeller ads, Bidvertizer and Edomz. Do not expect the same results as Adsense though.

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